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Capital Mind Closes Seed Round of Funding, Awesome Things Coming Your Way!


Capital Mind is pleased to announce that it has closed a seed round of funding with early stage investors in India and the US, to build and market a new age financial analytics platform and products.

The seed round was led by Raghu Vohra of ( who will also be joining our board. Raghu brings with him a rich background in financial analytics and valued experience being a key member of two successful fintech startups (both were acquired). He is currently on his third sortie in Newport Beach, California.

Raghu says: “We welcome Capital Mind to our BVG portfolio and am very excited to be working with Deepak and the Team.”

Deepak Shenoy, CEO at Capital Mind, and the Capital Mind team look forward to bringing even better analytics, insights and easy-to-use financial solutions for Capital Mind customers and subscribers. 

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Capital Mind ( brings financial markets to life with rich analytics, actionable insights, and big data research. With a freemium model, Capital Mind provides great charts and analysis for free, and reserves the best for Capital Mind Premium members who get:

  • Macronomics: The Awesomeness of all things Macro
  • Portfolios: The Smart Momentum portfolio with a 90%+ CAGR from Dec 2013 to date, and our Long Term Portfolio.
  • Optionalysis: Look deeply at the derivatives markets with data analytics and special opportunities.
  • Premium Analytics: Housing indexes, Technical Analysis tutorials, Currencies, Fixed Income and More.

There’s a lot more coming, as Capital Mind will soon introduce its Outlier and Insider data products, and brings you our special Capital Mind One-Click Investing Themes.

Capital Mind is hiring! We’re looking for the following people to join us:

  • Brilliant financial analyst who crunches financial market numbers for breakfast
  • Diligent Python programmer who understands Django, MySQL/Mongo and the art of data analysis
  • Smart marketer who can build and manage online sales funnels and help make it easy for our customers to work with us
  • Great Angular.js developer who can take our back-end JSON APIs and work them into our responsive front-end web application.

We are also looking for interns to help build automated tools for site and customer management. Please get in touch if you’re interested, at

Capital Mind is committed to delivering an awesome experience for our readers, subscribers and partners. Please check out Capital Mind Premium offering while you’re here, and do sign up for access to our latest product modules – Outliers and Insider Products, coming very soon. Try us out and you’ll see the easiest product to save you time and effort, and still make you realize your investing goals: Capital Mind’s One-Click Themes. 

Contact: Deepak Shenoy (deepakshenoy at


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