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Budgetonomics 2015: The EBook Free For Capital Mind Premium


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Every year we produce a book on the Budget called Budgetonomics.

It’s about the Budget. The What, the Why, the How and the Who Does It Affect.

The pieces in the budget are culled from all of what we have done publicly as Capital Mind and then some special pieces that only remain in the book. While the book doesn’t help you trade the budget, it helps understand the nuances without getting bogged down in the budget lingo.

In Budgetonomics 2015, We have:

• What Is A Budget?

• The specifics: the government finances, where they will spend, where they will not.

• Tax Changes: Direct and Indirect Taxes

• The Rs. 30,000 cr. Debt Swap Planned for March

• How have stock markets reacted to the Budget? (Since 2001)

• Subsidized Insurance and Pension plans: The “How Much Will It Cost Us” Version

• All our pre-Budget Pieces in One Place

This book is free for Capital Mind Premium and will always be so. We hope you enjoy reading it and we will keep it updated for the time to come.

Click here to download Budgetonomics 2015.

(PDF, you need to be logged in with your Capital Mind Premium email and password).


If you’ve forgotten your password, enter your email at If you can’t get it to work, please mail us at

We might update the book with a few more articles as things go by. There are some strange elements that edit the RBI act, and it could be that these are removed. But if they stay the ramifications for bond markets are big. More about that as it evolves.

Do let us know what you think of the book!



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