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Foreign Investors Pump In 44,000 cr. in Indian Markets in 2015


Foreign portfolio investors (FPIs) continue to buy Indian stocks and debt like they’re going out of fashion. In the first 45 days of 2015, they have already purchased over 44,000 cr. of equity+debt, and that comes after the biggest year ever in terms of total foreign investments into the markets, 2014, which saw over Rs. 234,000 cr. enter via the FPI route.


FPIs pumped in over 33,000 cr. in January 2015. February is marginally behind at about 11,000 cr. till Feb 13 but most of the money is in debt, not equity.


The markets have been running hot on the scene with lots of money pouring in. There are events happening in Ukraine, Greece and later in India, the budget.


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