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Event: Offer for Traders’ Carnival in May 2015, Mumbai


Deepak will be speaking at Traders’ Carnival 2015, on May 1 to 3 in Mumbai. This is an annual event, and Deepak is part of the core team that helps with the organization.

The speakers are a very interesting line up:

  • Dr. C.K. Narayan: Famous Technical Analyst who appears on various TV channels and runs an advisory in Mumbai
  • Debashis Basu: Co-founder at Moneylife and KenSource, Debashis has a deep knowledge of capital markets with over 20 years of experience.
  • Shiva Galrani: He trades a system from Dubai, a hands-off 3×5 MA Crossover where he only needs to place a trade once a day or so.
  • Abhijit Pathak: An options trader from Pune, “AP” is active on twitter (@ap_pune) where he talks about stock charts, options, and trades.
  • Naveen Swamy: Naveen returned from the US and started trading full time, and only trades a system he has built called “SSPS”, a swing trading system.
  • Sumeet Jain: Sumeet works from Mumbai and brings in deep technical insights.
  • Deepak Shenoy: You probably know about him as someone who works with macro-economic, fundamental and technical analysis and works them into tradeable insights.

There will be more as speakers confirm, and I’m sure this year’s event will be awesome.

You can see the videos of the previous events:

The event runs for three days – May 1 to 3, 2015.

The Options

Attendees have two options:

  • Residential: Since sessions can go on till late at night, the event comes with a room (twin sharing basis). Includes dinner for two nights and subsequent breakfast, apart from lunch on all days. Currently, Rs. 19,500 plus taxes. (Till Feb 15th, then things go up)
  • Non-Residential: You might live in Mumbai or would like to stay elsewhere, you can choose to not stay at the venue. Currently, Rs. 13,500 plus taxes. (Till Feb 15th)

Previous attendees of Traders’ Carnival get a Rs. 500 discount.

Special Session for Capital Mind Members

We’ll have a special session for Capital Mind Premium members in Mumbai at the event. If you’re attending, do let us know; Deepak will speak on a topic (To Be Decided). We’ll place that session recording over later for other members as well. (More details on this at a later date)

The Capital Mind Premium Bulk Offer

Last year we had a great offer for Capital Mind Premium subscribers. This time though things will be different, as the location is hugely expensive (ITC Maratha). The organizer of the event is Dharmaraj, who is a good friend and a phenomenal technical trader. I have been able to get a discount based on the number of people who will attend.

So there is a discount! But it’s about getting multiple people in, and Capital Mind members will get the best deal possible. All you have to do is fill this form:

This form will only be active till Feb 9, 2014.

On Feb 9 (Monday), we’ll get all the registered members a discount code. You can use it on the TC-Tickets page,  where you can pay online after the discount. You have to register before Feb 15 to take advantage of this code. The minimum discount is Rs. 500, and we can get upto Rs. 2,000 off for each participant.

Note: Capital Mind Premium members will get a special higher discount.


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