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The Nifty in 2014: The Best Year Since 2009 Ends With The Second Worst December in a Decade


We haven’t done this in a while, so here goes: The Nifty Monthly Returns for December was a shocking -3.6% which was the first negative December since 2011. (And only the second one in the last decade!)


January, on the other hand, sees huge volatility. While average returns are -0.2% we see a huge standard deviation of 8.3%, which means you don’t trust the average.



The year 2014 was a phenomenal year, the best since 2009, with overall returns of 31.4% on the Nifty. This was the year for the stock market! There have been better performers of course, as you can see in the chart:


Here’s the Sensex which did marginally lower.


Hope your returns were good!


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