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QNet Banned From Coffee Day Also

I went to a Coffee Day today and it has the following notice, prominently displayed at the entrance:


What it says is:

As per instructions received from Economic Offense Wing – Crime Branch, Mumbai


Additional Commissioner of Police, Mumbai

Entry is prohibited for representatives, Staff and Employees of:

M/S Vihaan Direct Selling (India) Pvt. Ltd.

M/S QNET Ltd. Hong Kong

M/S Transview Enterprise India Pvt. Ltd.

M/S Vanmala Hotels, Travel and Tourism Services Pvt. Ltd.

By Order,

Cafe Coffee Day….

This is very cool. The MLM scams being perpetrated by the QNet types have been pushed at all sorts of Coffee spots. Mostly, the way they operate is:

  • Call people over to a Coffee day for a meeting to discuss “a business proposition”
  • Hard sell them the scam MLM called QNet
  • Make them pay a few lakhs for entry so they can find the next bakras to call to the Coffee Day next week
  • Rinse, Lather, Repeat

Coffee day has perhaps figured out this is a serious problem for their own image. The barista told me

But does such an order exist? Can such people be banned from Coffee places? If so, why not completely ban their organizations and put criminal charges, if they are so unwanted?

I guess they don’t pay for too many coffees, which is probably why Coffee day was quick to implement this order. Oh and this may be the result of what happened recently: QNet’s offices were shut down in Bangalore after a raid four days ago.

I have written about scam MLMs in the past, and specifically about how QNet has been awful in that regard. But this takes the cake – imagine, even the coffee shops don’t want them!


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  • DJ says:

    Oh no! I’ve enjoyed the many encounters I’ve had with MLM folks. I loved to troll them. The trick is to think of them as bakras rather than the other way around. Why did they ban the poor guys? I truly felt bad for them though. There is nothing more sad in the world than someone in the grip of a flawed idealogy.

  • The devil is in the details. The notice doesn’t say the EOW or ACP have ordered a ban on people from entering Coffee Day. The ban is by order of Coffee Day. They seem to have got instructions from EOW/ACP but these instructions could just be advice to Coffee Day to refrain from being part of such schemes. Or perhaps not even that – maybe just a few hard questions about whether Coffee Day is doing more than serving coffee at these meetings.
    The notice is cleverly worded.

  • Krish says:

    I just don’t understand, how entreprenuers comes out with such terrible business ideas such as founding a QNET kind of organizations whose only aim is to find suckers at each and every level. I also wonder, how come such type of organizations find employees who are ready to work for it knowing it is cheating from Day 1.
    I know these proactive measures such as CCD goes long way, but people should not come forward to work in such organizations. These companies should be shunned by every potential employee so that all MLMs goes shut. .

  • abhishek p says:

    Thanks Deepak for sharing this, I believe that 90% of !meetings of Qnet happened in CCD, (Googling Qnet and CCD together can result 1000 of cases where the interactions happened at CCD) , CCD management must be blind not to see these happening right under their nose. I am 100 percent sure that CCD was fully aware of such operations and facilitated the Qnet IRs,
    By putting this notice, they have successfully distanced themselves from this scam, Qnet does not have any physical offices in India ,the official website mentions Bangalore based PO box as its address , hence CCDs worked as virtual meeting places…EOW must be strict against them….
    Thanks again for your post

  • Sunil says:

    ED should crack on fake companies and bring them to light. This also calls for a legislation of all legal direct selling companies.

  • Vamsy says:

    What to do with these horrible people? Bestow them with Padma Bhushan? Wait… haven’t we done that already!!!

  • Vince says:

    This is a damn good piece of news.
    ‘I’ve seen many cases of MLM schemes being spread to bakras over coffee at CCD, and i always felt bad on over-hearing these tall claims. Never butted-in to any of these “coffee conversations” though. Next time, I think i will.