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Budget 2014: Capital Mind’s Coverage


It’s Budget season again!

Budget 2014 will be presented by Mr. Arun Jaitley to the Parliament on July 10.

Let’s be fair and admit that we don’t know a darn thing about what the new Modi Government, or Finance Minister Arun Jaitley, is thinking of putting into their maiden budget. While we love to write and talk our mind, we’re also aware of our fallibilities – so if we sound like we really know what might happen, please forgive us, because we don’t.

But there is always conjecture. And much of conjecture is based on logic, other than “someone I know told me that someone he knows cleans Jaitley’s car…”.

From what we know in the public domain, there are many routes the government can take, and we’ll discuss them in Capital Mind’s Budget 2014 Coverage.

We’ll talk about:

  • What we think should happen
  • What we think of what others think should happen
  • What actually happens
  • What other news sources aren’t talking about.

We’ve always found interesting things that no one else seems to have cared about, but are deeply significant. For instance, in Budget 2012, we were the first to note that the Budget had sneaked in a provision that hurt Startups big time – we called it The Startup Tax. (And released an e-Book on it as well)

The Budget Posts

We’ll link all the Budget 2014 posts in this one post. Some of these posts are for Premium subscribers only. But we’ll publish a Budget report with all these posts as well (free for Premium subscribers, and at a nominal price for everyone else)


Here’s a quick list for you, updated as we go along.


  Date Type


On ET Now: My Budget Views Involve Railways, Shipping and Defence 27 June Video
What I’d Like To See in the Budget for Startups 04 July Opinion
How Have Stock Markets Reacted to the Budget? (Premium) 07 July Charts, Opinion
Take Away Those Tax Sops For Housing 08 July Opinion
Railway Budget Plans a 13,000 cr. Surplus, High Speed Trains. Incremental, Not PathBreaking. 08 July Budget Summary
 The Railway Budget Crash: Extreme Expectations (Premium) 08 July Opinion, Markets

(That’s all we have, right now. More coming soon!)


Download Last Year’s Budget Book, Free!

Last year, we released a book called “Budgetonomics”. This was charged at Rs. 99, and updates were provided as we wrote new articles. The book is embedded below – you can download it and read it at leisure.

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