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Links: PlanCom Dies, CEO WhistleBlows, Airlines Lose and Jignesh Shah….Knows


One of the best news this weekend: The Potential End of the Planning Commission.

The concept of “Plan” expenditure, Centralized Planning for all states, the distribution of our progress into five-year chunks, were all undesirable. Forget the past, they may have been relevant then. It’s today that matters. And in our today, they should not matter. We may have a few months of madness as there is SO much history of the PlanCom, but evolution sometimes works better when doing everything from the basics.

SAP Labs’ India Head Leaves After Cops Find He Was A “WhistleBlower”

A whistleblower asks the SAP Leadership to properly investigate a case of physical assault by a senior exec, otherwise he’ll “take it to Germany”. The execs go to the cops, filing a case for harassment and threats and so on. Sadly, the cops, not using their brains, don’t see that there was no such threat, and trace the email back to …the India head’s house address. Sad at so many levels, I don’t know where to begin to barf.

49,000 cr. of losses at airlines in India.

And most of them by Air India. New government, but same old Air India?

NSEL Again: Bloomberg TV Shows Jignesh Shah Knew about Everything 

It’s now detailed emails about accounting jugglery, round tripping of payments and the general knowledge of the machinations that has surfaced after detailed emails from Anjani Sinha, Jignesh Shah and Srikant Javalgekar come to light. Ooh, this thing gets dirtier every day, even more than the rumours make it out to be.


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