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Reads: Infy Warns, Sun Pharma Alerts, New Zealand Raises, Bull Market EndGame

In News:

Infy says it might not make as much money as it thought. Revenues at lower end of guidance, clients aren’t spending. Stock down 8%. (SmartInvestor)

Sun Pharma sees the FDA put an import alert on the Karkhadi plant and the stock’s down 3.5%. (Economic Times) Wonder why it’s singled out in this fall – mentioned in the FDA report are: Ranbaxy (all plants), Aurobindo Pharma (1 plant, stock is up!), Wockhardt (2 plants).

New Zealand is the first developed country to raise rates (Bloomberg)

Mutual funds find it difficult to oppose the Maruti Suzuki Gujarat plant but still ask Maruti to park excess cash in its debt schemes (Investors are idiots)

How to tell when the bull market is turning bear (LiveMint)

  • ravikiran.vadlamudi says:

    Using the four points mentioned in the article
    “How to tell when the bull market is turning bear (LiveMint)”
    1. New 52-Week Highs
    2. Market Breadth (Advanced/Decline Line)
    3. Capitalization: Small Cap, Mid Cap, Large Cap
    4. Percentage of Stocks at 20% or greater from their recent highs
    Can you create a indicator that shows where the market is heading (or tailing) 🙂