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Goldman Sachs’ Nifty 7600 “Target” is Just a Load of Bull

Markets supposedly went up today because Goldman Sachs upgraded India and told the world that it expects a Nifty target of 7,600 for 2014.

When you hear this, you think that Goldman Sachs drives our market. I think they largely pick figures up from where the sun don’t shine. It has NO idea where markets will actually go, so let’s look at its past “estimates”.

If Goldman could get things right one year ahead, they wouldn’t be telling you what their estimate is.

Just remember that when you’re itching to not be left behind. There’s a sucker born every day, and there’s a slot open for tomorrow.

  • IsItPossible says:

    Think of it like this:
    Who is Goldman Sachs!!! – Investment & Wealth management Bank
    What business are they into? – Trading
    What is there primary source of Income!!! – Fees and massive manipulation
    So if a company charges to give advice to its wealthy clients, why would they give FREE advice!!!
    Whats in it for them!!!
    So that they can liquidate their positions to average public, simple yet effective scheme.
    Go back and check what Goldman said about Gold in past 2 years and you will have your answers.
    “Once you become major player in any field, anything you say will be heard with lot of attention even if it is crap…”

  • Jaya Ravindran says:

    What a great reply to these bloated and arrogant mnc brokerage cos who think they know everything ….. A fitting reply.
    In fact i have noticed that when they say it and actually GS, the reverse has happened in terms of direction – something tells me that retail investors who anyway are not active in market should be wary on reading their estimate.

  • anish says:

    your prev article actually explains the rationale behind the latest target by GS folks!
    hint: they are ready to sell their target for Rs 15/cr per annum 🙂

  • Annapurna says:

    Goldman Sachs and the bunch of self proclaimed investment gurus get a lot of attention from the media too – financial news channels are quick to keep flashing these forecasts in a bid to attract viewers – the investors. These forecasts do more harm than good, as research shows that most of them have an accuracy rate of not more than 50 %.

  • Vj says:

    Anybody who listens to analysts on tv and invest based on their advice or based on newspaper headlines, deserve to be parted with their hard earned money.