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Beta: Options Oracle Updated Plugin for India

Options Oracle is a pretty good tool that works for option traders all over the world, but it has not been maintained since 2012. The original authors have graciously released the tool into the open source community.
Recently, the tool stopped working for India. This was related to changes at the NSE, and the tool needed to be updated appropriately. We’ve fixed the tool by changing the mechanism of getting option quotes and this tool should work with Indian data as well.
We will release our source changes as well, but currently there are some issues with one component we have used that has an incompatible license and are getting legal advice on how to navigate this. If this does not have a resolution, we’ll change the source code entirely.
Update: Source code is on Github
Currently, however, we would like some beta feedback on whether the code works on your machine. To use the tool:

We compiled it and have checked for viruses, however please run it at your own risk (and run virus checkers etc.)
If it doesn’t work out of the box, you might need to install the .NET4 framework from here.
Usage: You should be able to type NIFTY or any stock’s code and download option data (hit enter or click update).
Since I’ve only tested this on my machine I request you to think of this as a beta which we’ll fix as we go along. This is free and will be made available to everyone.
You can use it to download data and see the entire option chain, add options to a strategy, see the volatility smile, put-call ratio and Max Pain (which has been explained in Capital Mind Premium).
Setup: Click the “wizard” button.
You’ll have to set up the OptionsOracle install by clicking the Setup Button and choosing the India server like so:
Here’s what it shows for the Nifty (you just type Nifty in the upper left and hit enter, or click Update)
And the Put-Call Ratio:
And a sample Max Pain chart.
Note: This is just a beta, and I want to make sure this is able to get data on other machines. Please tell us if this is not working, or if you’d like the source changes – please email us (contactus [at]

  • anand says:

    Glad to know that you guys at Capital Mind have taken the effort to revive this nice little software from an Indian perspective. I had used it two years back but removed subsequently for the same reasons that most Indian option traders did. Lack of support for NSE FNO. After seeing this post from Deepak I reinstalled on my laptop running Windows 7 and applied the recommended settings as instructed and Voila!. Its working like a charm(great work for a beta stage) and like to thank for your interest in making it available for option traders like me. Hope you have great success in developing it further towards as a final polished product.
    I tested it on NIFTY and couple of other stock options like TCS, YESBANK for the past 2 days and the results are coming out really good. Will definitely give more feedback after using it in the coming days.
    Good luck

  • rahul says:

    cud u pls help in setting the margin requirements in configuration. i have configured the whole thing except for margin thing for various scenarios!

  • Shivam Sinha says:

    Hi Deepak,
    Thank you so very much, it is just amazing you sorted it out & it is really working very well on my machine.
    I Really appreciate it.