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Reads: Hawala Premiums, Chinese Taper, Airtel Loses, Don’t Go To Jail


Hawala premiums for gold smuggling are up to 4%, says Business Standard.

Bad Housing Starts data in the US? No, says Calculated Risk; it’s the cold weather and higher prices.

Why I didn’t go to jail, writes Ben Horowitz, on doing the right thing instead of doing what other people are doing.

China’s flash PMI for Feb falls to 48.3, a seven month low and takes European stocks with it.

Bharti Airtel loses appeal in case to Econet Wireless in Nigeria, has to pay $3 billion to Econet which was wrongfully denied its shareholding in the company acquired by Airtel from Zain. Airtel has to pay to acquire Econet’s minority shareholding, and this is the third setback in the case (which has seen unfavourable judgements from an international tribunal and then two lower courts in Nigeria). Share’s fallen to Rs. 298.

Whatsapp founder was once on food stamps. (Business Insider)

China wants to fund 30% of India’s $1 trillion infra investment. That’s probably their diversification strategy as they have just cut their US Treasury holdings exposure by $47 billion. (The “Chinese Taper”) Oh, we should let them. If they invest money in our roads, they’re hardly likely to bomb them.


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