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RCOM Increases iPhone 5S Bundled Offer by 20% to 3,600 Per Month

You might remember last month’s outrageously popular post on the iPhone 5S “bundled” offer by RCOM, where you paid Rs. 3,000 per month, and got data, calls and SMS free. As I’d mentioned, this was just a credit card based financing policy and made sense only if you had a very high call/data usage, didn’t mind switching to the RCOM network, and didn’t care about upgrading the phone for two more years.

It turns out RCOM has increased the price on the deal by 20%. Now, the Rs. 3,000 offer is only available if you pay Rs. 12,500 upfront. If you want to pay nothing upfront, the monthly cost has gone up to Rs. 3,600 instead.


While the dollar depreciation couldn’t have been the primary concern (between November and now, rates have been steady) it must be that the cost of the service is higher than they anticipated. They have effectively increased prices by about 12,500 rupees.

The amounts charged on the card for option 1 and 2 are Rs. 62,000 and Rs. 75,000 respectively. And guess what, I thought I remember that HDFC cards would also participate, but they seem to have dropped out.


The price of the iPhone 5S is about Rs. 52,000 (Flipkart) and if you assume RCOM is getting the phone at Rs. 45,000 now, they’re charging you Rs. 74K, so their service amount is about Rs. 30K upfront for 24 months. How much does that mean to RCOM?

We can calculate this. Assume RCOM can borrow at 12% per annum. When you pay them Rs. 30,000 upfront, that money can be amortized over 24 months at a “discount” rate of 12% per annum (1% per month) The way to find out how much it means to them per month, is to use Excel’s PMT function. Use

=PMT(1%, 24, -30,000, 0)  [In 24 months, we start with Rs. 30,000, end with 0, rate of 1% p.m.]

= Rs. 1412 per month.

That’s not a bad deal for RCOM at all, even for unlimited voice and data. Definitely better than earlier.

What about for you? If you can buy the phone at Rs. 52,000, it means Rs. 22,000 extra for 24 months for the RCOM unlimited deal. Using a discount rate of 10%, this is an effective cost of Rs. 1,015 per month to you. You have to weigh this with the RCOM network coverage, the amount of your average phone bill, and how long you can stick with this phone. (Yes, there’s the ability to resell at a reasonable price too)

  • rajivahuja says:

    This is totally ridiculous. I don;t who will take it.

  • d k dhingra says:

    We appreciate your colums for the knowledge enrichment.This article of RCom is not clear to me whether offier has been increased or the price of the offer has been increased.
    with deep regards

  • ayondutta says:

    Interestingly, HDFC is participating in a 10% discount scheme with Flipkart capped at 5,000, if you have noticed (valid till Jan 1st, 2014)
    Effectively, the iPhone 5s should cost 47,000 on Flipkart.

  • Anand says:

    They haven’t deliverd older orders citing non availability of stock and still taking orders with increased rate. I have ordered one before price rise just because I needed a non FUP based Data Service. I am paying Rs 1k for MTS wireless for 10GB data in WB. Reliance 3g speed is good in my area as I am using that for my mobile data needs. Add unlimited calling and free roaming. Not as bad deal as shown. Moreover my regular data usage with broadband connections was around 100 GB per month . I Hope reliance don’t dishonour its unlimited plan for 2 years seeing my usages.

    • sygcom says:

      Anand, 3G networks in India (and most other parts of the world too) are not geared for unlimited data plans. The infrastructure doesn’t delivered. With the high density of subscribers here, be prepared for your network speed to crawl. RCom or any other provider do not promise minimum data speeds for their unlimited plans.

  • Murty says:

    Everything is fraud in R-World!
    Look at Mr.Moily’s Gas Pricing Policy in facor of Reliance !
    This was my answer to your earlier post….VERBATIM!
    let me refresh your memory. Lets go back to 2003.
    Reliance Communications introduced a similar scheme, offering a small piece of instrument for Rs3000 odd , and played havoc with thier billing woes, and threatening people with arm twisting, and even rowdy gangs. In Hyderabad, we formed a REMOVA….. read it as Reliance Mobile Victims Association, but later the leading lady of the association was silenced with we do not know what……. we were literally fighting with Reliance outlets, with our billing woes…..finally they threatened with legal notices, recovery agents and what not…..At the end we understood that Reliance already insured these instruments and got the money long tie before we stopped using them. It was heard in those days that there were lakhs of such instruments dumped into the sea… you know what the insurance can cover….RELIANCE IS THE MOST CHEATING COMPANY IN INDIA….
    Please advise others not to fall prey for these gimmics……. They are all looters….. It is public looting……. It is fraud……. oNo one bothered then and no one bothers now!