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Capital Mind Sees 1 Million PageViews in 2013!


We’ve had a great year at Capital Mind, in 2013. As I moved to convert the blog into a full-scale business, things improved dramatically on the number of posts and viewership. We scaled to over a million visitors in the year, according to statcounter!


More than 75% of visitors were from India and then from the US, UK and so on. Visitors from 188 countries visited Capital Mind this year.

The most popular post of the year has been: Is the Reliance Apple iPhone5 Offer Worth It? Which probably goes to say there are more people bothered about expensive mobile phones than about finance or macroeconomics that I write about!

Earlier posts remain popular, specially the one on HDFC Crest ULIP that was being mis-sold as a fixed deposit.

I wrote a long series of posts about the NSEL scam. This things has still not been unearthed.

Also, 2013 saw the launch of Capital Mind Premium in November. We’re seeing some excellent traction now, and really looking forward to the next year.

What’s next?

We get better and we get bigger. Not in physical size, that would be disastrous.

But in content and quality and timeliness and relevance and all those things that make the world go round a little bit faster. I’m building a team in Bangalore, and we want to bring to you these things:

  • Great content and analysis, on money, macroeconomics, portfolios and others.
  • Detailed macroeconomic and derivatives data, on your web and mobile, whenever you want.
  • Webinars, both Free and Premium, on stuff that you really want to hear.
  • Brilliant visualization of data where you can interact with your data.

What is also important is what we won’t do:

  • Political commentary. I know it’s an election year, and I don’t like most parties, but our commentary will be restricted to the economic impact of the political deal.
  • Personal Financial Advise: I hate to say this but this doesn’t really ignite my passion. If I build a team to do this, it will not be in 2014.
  • Stock tips: We’ll tell you what we’re buying, in Capital Mind Premium. We can’t really tell you what you should.
  • Arrogance. If we ever get high-handed, please feel free to beat us down. I never delete or reject comments other than pointless trolling and spam.

Have a fantastic 2014, folks! Meet you in the new year. Stay tuned for more useful content. And most importantly, tell us what you want to read about!


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