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T-Bills Crowd Up Around 9%, Will This Reverse The Falling Yield Trend?

91-day T-Bill auctions happen every week. This week, the yield on these T-Bills was at 8.94%, and has come down considerably from the 12%+ levels we saw in July/August.


On alternate weeks 182-day and 364-day T-bills are auctioned. These have fallen from peak levels.


What is interesting is that after a two month fall, the yields seem to have reversed and are looking back up towards 9%. 182 day T-Bills are already above 9%.

Market traded short term bonds too, show great yields. Even tax-free bonds are now yielding near 9%. The appetite for risk is falling and rates will continue to rise, even if it’s primarily the fear of the US taper or Indian inflation that’s driving it.

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