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Monthly Return Charts Since 1994 Point To Great Dec, While Nov Returns -2%



November closes slightly negative for the broad indexes, with performance of the large caps flattening out. The Nifty lost 2% in the month, taking the annual return down marginally to only 4.6%.


Nifty Monthly Returns


December tends to be a very good month – historical average return of 4.2% with a standard deviation of 5% means you have a fairly good chance of staying positive.

In the last 20 years, we have had just four negative December months for the Nifty!

Coming to returns on an annual basis, the Nifty isn’t all that great and not that bad either.

Nifty Returns YTD Till November


And here’s the data on the Sensex, which has done slightly better for the year. (The Sensex has 30 stocks whereas the Nifty has 50)

Sensex Monthly Returns


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