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Saturday Reads: US Defaulted in 71, Asset Backed Bonds, Faking a Company, DIIs Better than FIIs


Of course the US Defaulted in 1971, when it refused to give gold against dollars, says Nilesh Shah.

The election commission has decided that social media like Twitter and Facebook are platforms for election propaganda, and therefore will come under the gagging and spending rules of the EC. This is going to be fun, because political spending on social media has gone up, and politicians are using these platforms to speak “direct” to people instead of having to live with the whims of mainstream media.

You thought they were only faking goods? Someone faked an entire company! (NYTimes)

Results – ITC saw profits up 21.4%, ICICI profits were up 20%, Wockhardt’s profits were 69% down, Essar Oil Goes Into Losses.

IDFC launches the first asset-backed property bonds in India. (Reuters)

Jignesh Shah could be arrested, and has been “grilled” by Mumbai police

Ajay Shah on why DIIs may be taking better bets than FIIs. (TimesofIndia)


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