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Introducing: Ask Capital Mind

Here’s introducing a new way to interact with folks at Capital Mind – readers, commenters and authors: Ask Capital Mind.

It’s a ‘Q&A’ Forum that allows you to ask questions, post answers and earn points. These points can be redeemed for large amounts of money love and fresh air.

I know a number of you have wanted to ask about something but couldn’t find the right post to ask. So, you can now ask.

And I know some of you are way more intelligent than I am, so I’ll hope you’ll take the really tough questions.

As Capital Mind expands into a rich source of data, information and content, we’ll add more features into Ask to help. Right now, it’s about money, markets, trading and economics – interact, communicate and act.

Feedback and your thoughts are deeply appreciated. Once again: Ask Capital Mind.

  • vamsy says:

    Good initiative Deepak. Looks like there is some issue with the registration, I’m getting the following error when I try to register:
    ERROR: Invalid reCAPTCHA challenge parameter.

  • Vince says:

    Finally! Thanks! Was expecting this 😀 Hope it goes well!
    Deepak, am trying to register, but I get this error:
    ERROR: Invalid reCAPTCHA challenge parameter.
    The issue being, there IS NO CAPTCHA displayed :-/

  • Vinod says:

    Great initiative Deepak!
    Will be participating for sure. Loved the “fresh air” bit – that would be really good to have!

  • Vasim says:

    It shows error “ERROR: Invalid reCAPTCHA challenge parameter.” while registering…

  • Dear Deepak
    Hats off to you and your team on this winner!!!
    Your followers get great and authentic content and you and your team get more eyeball views. Great move. I am going to recommend this link to every one who is interested in good health and wealth.
    Keep up the good work and best wishes as always.

  • Arghya says:

    Finally, you created the platform I wished long back. It has a huge potential; this is THE way to have maximum impact with minimum effort. It would built a community investment professional of high standard and ethics.
    The best way to administrator such forum or community is not to be biased. Please don,t remove any post unless they are spam or have used derogatory words.
    This would bring huge traffic and I wish you make a lot of money from advertisemts and may god give you the will not to sell this to someone else just for money.