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The Rajan Month Takes Us +6% But Ends on a Depressing Note

September 2013 was when Raghuram Rajan became the RBI governor and that gave markets a high. However, on the last day of the month, markets retreated 1.7%, taking the 10% gains down to 6.1%, and the 6,000 mark away from the month’s achievements.

The big bad month of October is coming by that’s seen some crazy moves in the past – +17% in 2007, +26% in 2008 etc. The standard deviation is 9.2% from an average -1.5%, so it would be crazy to predict which way this goes purely on historical month-end data.

Nifty Monthly Returns

And for completeness, the Sensex:


  • Nitin says:

    Hi Deepak, this one is bit off the track…can you please help me with the following:
    I fail to understand why Bajaj Investment Holding Co. which owns ~30% of bajaj Auto and ~40% of Bajaj Finserv is selling for only ~8500 crore. Instead if someone independently purchases ~30% of bajaj Auto and ~40% of Bajaj Finserv, he will have to shell out ~21000 crore. Apart from these two mammoth ownership, Bajaj Investment Holding also owns several other investments and the company is debt free.