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Nifty Drops 5% in Aug 2013, Worst Month Of The Year

The Month of August 2013 has not been kind to the Nifty, dropping 5.3% (and that’s not considering that on Wednesday, just two days earlier, the Nifty was actually 9.6% lower than the July close).

Nifty Monthly Returns

This is the worst of 2013, coming in August, taking the annual return down to –8.4%. We’re having  year similar to 2011 – then, the dollar depreciated from 44 to 52, and now we are down from about 53 to 66.

The return till August for the Nifty is:


We’ve had some volatile times recently and the good year has now switched to a bad year.

For completeness, the Sensex fell 3.8% (lower because the stocks are different in the Sensex)

Sensex Monthly