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OT: Speaking at Traders’ Carnival 2013, Pune

I will be a speaker at at a Trader Conference called "Traders’ Carnival", being conducted by J. Dharmaraj (@ra1nb0w). The topic is on options, and is intended to be a summary of trading strategies for players in the options space.

Last year, I spoke at the conference in Bangalore. I even wrote a post on my learnings there.

This year, the event is in Pune, at the Courtyard at Marriott, Hinjewadi.

Feel free to register. (Note: It’s a paid conference, at Rs. 9,000 or 12,000 per head)

Disclosure: I don’t pay as a speaker. I’ll pay for my flight to Pune and back. I don’t get paid to make this post or anything like that. Dharmaraj is a friend.

  • Kaushik says:

    Welcome to Pune Deepak. There is a “Mainland China” nearby incase anyone is fond of chinese cuisine.Also one italian restaurent (Flora) is there. You will get to know the IT traffic on morning and evening hrs as the hotel is next to the only exitway from Hinjewadi.

  • Paul says:

    Will you be able to convince the organizers to record the sessions?These days a good HD camera and a hyper active college kid could do it. It will help people who will miss the event(May be even a paid DVD of the lecturers/presentations?).

  • nishant says:

    I am not clear about the topics in the conference.