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Nifty Does Badly, but China, Russia and Brazil are Worse Off in 2013

Nifty’s down 4% for the year (counting from the Dec 31, 2012 close of about 5900) and is among the worst performers of the year. Shanghai (China) and Hang Seng (Hong Kong) are worse, with Nikkei the way outperformer.

International Index Comparison: 2013

But India’s doing well among the BRIC nations:
BRIC Comparison 2013

And just for completeness, here’s Asia:

Asia Comparison: 2013

For the first quarter, Nifty was the worst performer of the lot; the world caught up with us later. This is going to be a fun year.

  • piyush says:

    Try and plot Nifty against MSCI emerging market index (EEM or MXEF) and you will see that we traded in a range against this index for about 4 yrs now. But in the last 2-3 months we’ve started to see solid out performance against the rest of EM with this ratio (Nifty:MXEF) breaking out of its 4 yrs range.
    Well I don’t know whether ranges & breakouts would be applicable to such intermarket ratios, but it sure is telling us one story – somewhere despite all the state of despair the economy seems to be in, we are either doing better than other EMs or more likely expected to do better in the future. Hope this trend sustains.

  • It would be interesting to see the performance dollar denominated..