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CPI Inflation at 9.31% (May 2013)

Consumer Price Index (CPI) based inflation for May 2013 was at 9.31%, marginally lower than the 9.39% in April 2013.


As you can see, the wholesale inflation graph is a whole lot more downward sloping. What matters to you is the 9.31% number is a heck of a lot higher than any interest rate you can get in the market. Negative “real” rates.

The drop seems to be marginal in both urban and rural inflation:


And finally, the CPI change by components. This one shows you how inflation numbers have changed over the last few months:


Housing has gone up, as has fuel and medical. Food is still way too high at 10.7%, though it has come off the 12% levels.

With the recent dollar drop you can expect inflation to show up in some of these components where we import much of what we use. But that impact may take a couple more months to show up in the inflation numbers.

The gap between wholesale and consumer inflation is way too wide. The wholesale number’s being used to state we’re controlling inflation, while consumer numbers keep showing insane levels of price rise, month after month.

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