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JustDial IPO Fully Subscribed, 12x Bids Are In

The JustDial IPO has been fully subscribed with bids for more than 12 times the amount at hand.


While institutions bid for more than 10 times their allocation, retail investors who pitched for less than 200K worth have bid for 3.3x their quota. For retail the rule is that every single investor gets at least one lot, so if you applied you should be able to get 25 shares.

The surprise was that HNIs bit this up 22x. They don’t have a safety net, so why do they care? Apparently, they do!

Bids seem to now be concentrated at the higher end of the band.


Now to see what happens on listing.

Disclosure: I’ve bought a bit in the IPO, so I’m biased.

  • Shrikanth says:

    Turning out to be a great buy for retail investors.
    Right from the start with a cushion of safety net and now with this news.
    sir do u have information about the other Indian companies which gave safety new for retail investors during IPO ?

  • Ashwin says:

    The allocation details will be out shortly, ASBA money is already debited or released. Seems every retail investor got 1 lot (25 shares) irrespective of the bid qty, 25 to 400, and a few lost out due to lottery. Definitely more than 70K retail investors applied, maybe more than 1L. Deepak you got lucky with the lottery? I applied in four diff accounts in my family, but got allotment in only 1, so much for greed 🙁

  • Atiker says:

    Hi Deepak,
    What are you planning to do on listing day i.e wednesday tomorrow ?
    Dump, if you got allotment ?
    Buy more ?