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India Has Highest P/E Among BRIC + Links


India seems to be the most expensive BRIC country in terms of P/E, going by FT: (HT @deepakmohoni)



This is of course much to do with how the the index is constructed but the thing remains that we’re expensive in comparison. However the growth might just be bigger in India and therefore, the P/E is justified, but I personally don’t think so.

An excellent article by @jaltucher : The Seven habits of highly effective mediocre people.

Ritholtz talks about how commenters add unnecessary noise to articles on the web. And thus, why it’s probably useful to just disable comments. (And he gets more than 500,000 uniques a month! This is great, helps my aspirations!)

George Soros has made $1 billion as the Yen has dropped, says Bloomberg.


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