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Oct 2012 Inflation Dips Slightly to 7.45%

Official figures show October 2012 Inflation (based on Wholesale Prices) at 7.45%, slightly lower that September’s 7.81%.


The problem is that this data is likely to be revised substantially. August data, first announced at 7.55% has now been revised to +8.01% – the first 8% plus figure since November 2011.


So what seems to be 7.45% today may actually be 8% when revised.

The confidence decreases as we enter into component level checks:


While fuel inflation remains high, the fact that food inflation is coming down is suspect (especially after it was revised up nearly 1% to over 11% in August). Manufactured goods inflation seems to be stable, however consumer prices are more indicative of real inflation and that is nearly 10%.

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