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Nifty Monthly Chart – A Relaxed 0.6% August

It’s been a while since I wrote, and my apologies for that. I’m making up by posting my regular monthlies first.

The Nifty went up 0.6% in August, where the average has been greater than 1%. But this masks the fact that just a few days prior to expiry, the Nifty was at 5400, a near 3% up on the previous month.


The Sensex, which has fewer stocks and a more concentrated portfolio, did marginally better at 1.1%.


Let’s see how September goes. There’s Global news (Fed/Euro Central Bank), Defaulters (Indian for the most part) and then, the RBI mid-term decision. Inflation data around the 15th. Gold has nearly hit 32,000, and silver’s nearing previous highs as well.

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