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Month: August 2012

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OnMobile’s Fall From Grace: A CEO Greed Story

Forbes has an excellent article on what went wrong at OnMobile. It was a certain Mr. Arvind Rao, it seems. On November 23, 2010, Arvind Rao, the 53-year-old ...

Deccan Chronicle: Now, Fraud and Forgery

The Deccan Chronicle (DHCL) story isn’t just about a default, it seems. It has gone into the zone of fraud and deceit, if you go by an article in DNA. ...

Nifty and Sensex Diverge in July 2012

The Nifty and Sensex seem to have gone in different directions in July, with the Nifty gaining 0.7% while the Sensex lost 1%. That’s because of different ...