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Chart: Petrol Prices Up by Rs. 7.5

Petrol prices went up by Rs. 7.5 per liter yesterday, making life miserable for nearly all Indians. Turns out Goa is the cheapest petrol in the country, charging no state taxes on the black fuel.


Bangalore is the most expensive of the lot.

Petrol in India has seen what I call the hockey stick  curve. image

Now I hope they raise diesel prices too.

  • amit says:

    Goa does not tax on petrol
    goa does not or almost does not tax booze
    n still goa’s infrastructure and every thing seems in place and better than almost all other states .. How the hell is that ??? shouldn’t other states try n do that ??

  • Vinod says:

    Perhaps you can map this to global prices per barrel. May give a good indicator of subsidy as well as the election cycle

  • Dhananjay Redkar says:

    Is there a way to look at the split between Central Taxes and State taxes on Petrol and Diesel by state?