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Chart: 5 year Rolling Returns Including Dividends

Subra of mentioned in my Sensex Roling Returns post that if we account for dividends, returns may look much better. So I took the Nifty Total Returns Index, which includes reinvestment of dividends, and gives you a picture.


Remember, the 5 year returns without dividends (okay, for the Sensex, not the Nifty) are like this:


Dividends do add a percentage point or two, and that can make the return attractive. Still, the five year at 4.55% doesn’t look very exciting.

(All returns are annualized)

  • phantom says:

    The SIP tribe will just keep extending the minimum longterm for investments. What started with 5 years, became 8 and then 10. But now looking at the scenario, it might soon become 15!So much for advising SIPping the index.