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April 2012 WPI Inflation at 7.23%

Wholesale Price Inflation for April 2012 came in at 7.23%, up from 6.95% in March. The graph looks like it’s taking a dangerous turn up.


Feb 2012 inflation was revised up from the originally reported 6.95% to 7.36%. Revisions have been going up recently.


And finally, the components:


All parts have shown a rise. April is when prices would have gone up at least by 2% to make up for the increase in excise/customs/service tax, but the impact will probably take a few months more to show in the inflation figures.

What you have to watch for is the Consumer Price Index (CPI) data that will come out later this month. That is more indicative of the inflation we feel.

Note: I’ve added watermarks to images. Some people are stealing them without giving me credit.

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