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Month: April 2012

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Liquidity Very Tight: Repo at 199K cr.

Repo overnight borrowing is now nearly Rs. 2 trillion (200,000 cr.), which is 3% of “Net Demand and Time Liabilities” (which at last note was about 64 ...

Nifty EPS Growth at 7.4% for FY 2011-12

The Nifty Earnings Per Share Growth (standalone) is at 7.4% as of March 30, 2012. The number is 283, up from 263 last year. Five years ago, the Nifty EPS was ...

Monthly Moves: Consolidation in March

The Great Monthly Move post is here! A small negative month follows the great Jan+Feb story. And the Sensex: And yes, a great Jan + Feb + March too, the best ...

Markets Down 10% in FY 2011-12

After the financial year 2011-12, where do we stand? The market is down about 10% (from 5833 in March 2011 to 5295). There was a huge spike in the last week of ...