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Mar 2012 WPI Inflation At 6.89%


Apologies for missing much of the charting and events of the last week. House hunting in Bangalore is a nightmare. I shall renew my energies into building enough of a corpus to buy a house for myself. Renting gave me freedom – I’ve moved from Bangalore to Mumbai to Gurgaon and then back to Bangalore. But the events of the last few days have made me realize the decision can’t be financial alone – you gotta have peace of mind. Anyhow, this means I’m going to be all business from now on, 00000and you’ll be charged double what you normally pay for viewing this blog.

For now, here’s inflation. The numbers came out Monday. WPI inflation seems to have settled down under 7%.


With the official number being 6.89%, inflation looks under control. More importantly, manufactured goods (65% weight and a "secondary" good) is now under 5%. image

Scary here: primary articles inflation has gone back up to 9.62%. This will hurt later.

While this is interesting, much is due to a sudden rise in the indexes last March. I’d noted in my Feb 2012 inflation post that the slope of the WPI graph (green line in the first chart) isn’t really coming down. So the inflation in the system is still hanging around; it’s the year-on-year change that seems to be coming in lower, which is likely to be temporary.


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