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Video Recording of Online Webinar on Options

Yesterday, I conducted a 90 minutes session on Trading options in India on WizIQ. I have since recorded the session and have it for you to watch:

Do let me know your thoughts and comments!

  • Sivakumar says:

    Thnx a lot for the record…helpful for people like me who cannot participate becoz of bandwidth issues…thnx again for the upload.

  • Shankar says:

    I missed the live session due to work commitments. But I caught the youtube version. it was very interesting. I already knew some basics of options, and the session was very useful. I felt that some time was wasted on the blackboard based illustrations. If you had prepared slides for the examples, it would have been more quicker.
    The key take away for me was the options tool (OptionsOracle). Till this time, I used to create charts using excel to try and analyze my strategy. It was cumbersome.
    I created a test Long Straddle on the 4900 Nifty level on Nov 18. It looks like I may break even tomorrow (Nov 22) 😉
    I intend to test a few more strategies and start buying real options.
    Thanks for the enlightenment.