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TTK Prestige Grows EPS 55% in Sep 2011


TTK Prestige threw in a fantastic set of results today, with 55% EPS growth, and 51% revenue growth, year on year.

TTK Prestige Results Sep 2011

The stock closed up 7% at 2818.

The chart has shown signs of peaking. I have no positions anymore, as I exited on a sharp reversal around 2650. But the stock might be worth picking up if it breaks through the key levels I’ve talked about. It’s already through the 50DMA on good volume, a positive sign.

TTK Prestige Chart

Interestingly, the forward P/E of this company is still around 30, while it grows EPS more than 50%. It’s a highly priced stock but apparently, not high enough. But given the recent volatility – it’s corrected 20% – I would not take a large position; the stop loss has to be the 200 DMA.


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