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Four Emotional Battles With The Markets


At the MarketVision Chronicle, I write about four emotional battles we all face with markets.

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We’ve now had six chronicles on  trading concepts:

This week, I’ll speak about a few emotional battles that every participant goes through.

Denial Can Be Disastrous

To any market player, most market moves are astounding. They surprise both in the direction and magnitude of the move.  Stocks move against your careful analysis, and the first reaction that we get is one of denial. It’s easier, for our brains, to pretend that what we need to happen, is what should happen eventually, so everything against our view seems just fleeting and temporary.

When a stock starts to fall, you hear voices of support that the markets are full of manipulators who are keeping prices low. (Note: there is much more incentive for manipulators to keep prices high, and there are far more instances of market players manipulating to the upside) Even at a broad level, we tend to blame a market fall on FIIs exiting, the crisis in Europe etc. and then, refuse to sell because the India story is still strong.


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