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Chart Of The Day: 2011 Performance of World, BRIC and Asian Stock Markets


Today’s chart compares the index movements of various international indices, and plots the NSE Nifty in them. The best performer has been the S&P 500 (US) which has lost just 3.3% in the year to date. The worst performers have been the French CAC and the German DAX, which have lost nearly 20%. That, considering both the indexes were outperforming and indeed, positive for the year in July. The Euro crisis has taken with it the strongest countries – proving perhaps that you’re only as strong as your weakest link.

International Index Comparison

India comes a third, doing worse than a Shanghai (which is decidedly slowing down) or a Nikkei (which has been battered by the Tsunami and aftereffects, though not as much).

A BRIC comparison is also useful (Yes, I know I said just one chart. I need to get more disciplined):

BRIC Comparison

And finally, an Asia comparison. NSE is the worst of the lot:

Asia Comparison 

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