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TTKPRESTIGE Crosses 3,000 + Hawkins Does Well

It was kitchen appliance day too. TTK Prestige, a stock I’ve been tracking for a while now, has just hit another all time high at 3,032. Brilliant, I say.

TTK Prestige Chart

Yes, this stock has gone nuts, but what can you say when it delivers another 58% growth in Net Profit? And even the trailing 12 month EPS, at Rs. 82 per share, is higher by 52% from last year’s figure of Rs. 54 per share.

Which, as you can see, is still higher than the current P/E at the new all time high, is still a benign 36.

TTKPrestige TTM EPS Growth

(Yes, it could be slowing, we’ll find out next two quarters)

Hawkins Cookers, the BSE Only competitor to TTK Prestige, also made a new high. I don’t buy BSE-only stocks for the simple reason that I haven’t filled up the darn form to trade BSE stocks, and also that I’m not very happy if a company won’t list on the NSE for any reason. But there are awesome BSE only stocks, I must say, and Hawkins is one of them.

Hawkins Chart 


Disclosure: Long TTKPrestige.

  • ramesh says:

    bah .. i have been wondering since 1500 why i haven’t bought and now it is at 3000 .. bah

  • tlj says:

    Thoughts ?. I should’ve bought it when it was described here last year (900) and averaged up or even this year (2100) . Sheesh . (Never mind , bought it anyway late and still on 20% up) . Thanks .

  • Mohit Satyanand says:

    The Indian consumption story rocks!
    These guys had gone through tough times when aluminium prices soared; they took a while to move product prices up, and restore margins. Just about the time they did, metal prices dropped, and are now 10% below peak. A great combination for both Hawkins and TTK.
    I suspect we are going to see this in many other consumer goods stocks.

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  • Prabhakar says:

    I own Hawkins since about 2-3 years now and happily so. This is a combination of outrageous free cash flows to an extremely honest and ethical management operating in a favorable external environment. Even from current levels this stock can work out to be 5-6% yield stock in 2 years.
    Prestige can do equally well but i cannot trust those guys with a lot of money.

    • Thanks Prabhakar – I’m not sure I have any call on management quality here. For me, now, it’s largely a technical play. Hawkins is another one. I don’t buy Hawkins since it’s not on NSE (why not? very strange really).