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Indian States Versus Countries


In an interesting visualization, the Economist shows how Indian states fare with respect to full countries, in terms of GDP, GDP Per Person and Population.

You can click around and see states. For instance, Karnataka has the GDP of Croatia, the GDP per person of Philippines, and the population of Italy.

This is not very useful in the sense that I don’t immediately know all of the values at the same time. I mean what’s the point of saying Pondicherry is the same GDP as Somalia, when:


Somalia: 637,657 sq. km.

Pondicherry: 492 sq. km.


Somalia: 9.36 million

Population: 1.2 million.

And while Karnataka has Italy’s population, it’s GDP is just $62 bn, which is very very small compared to Italy which has a GDP of $2 trillion (Or $2,000 bn)

Finally, state GDPs don’t add up to the Indian GDP (which is over $1.5 trillion), so comparing state GDPs to countries isn’t all that useful. Still, some insights happen.


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