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Speak Asia Scam Exposed: Star News, Aaj Tak

[Longer, comprehensive post here]

First, check out the video by Star News: (all Hindi)

Speak Asia person says client names can’t be disclosed but still names Bata and ICICI Bank. Bata writes in saying there’s no such survey relationship. ICICI Bank says no also.

Speak Asia says they use ING Vysya Bank to remit funds. ING Vysya totally refuses any relationship.

And then Aaj Tak’s expose:


The channels are doing their bit. But if history proves right, people who don’t want to listen, will not listen. This thing is going to blow up, and blow up big. The correct approach now is to sequester details of every single company individual, work with the Singapore government to track the founders and so on. But if the general public won’t listen after so many warnings, what the bloody F.

  • Anonymous says:

    >After its heavy advertisements in some good magazines and a leading newspaper ET Wealth Weekly, I thought its a legal business and I even contemplated joining it.

    But, Thank God, I came to know about the scam.

    There are many more fraud business like online home based jobs, mlm etc.

    Its high time, Govt sets up a Fraud Detection centre to weed out such bogus firms.

  • Sambaran says:

    >The interesting part is our readiness to blame the government for consequences brought forth by our own judgement.

  • Anonymous says:

    >Its not a scam, I already earned so much money on speakasia. Its awesome. Star tv enters in panel business that's why the spread such rumours, but all speakasians know what the truth is. Hate star news.

  • Ashish says:

    SPEAKASIA is not FRAUD …… Ppls are just having queries there is not proof that its fraud, My friends are earning well form it ….. So there is no proof so you cannot say that its fraud….. All TV news should take in mind …. better use proper language and stop such FALTU news or pin pointing others … ur job is to make aware not to say its fraud…..
    speakasis is not fraud !!! speakasis is not fraud !!! speakasis is not fraud !!! 🙂

  • if news channels saying truth why indian government not taking action against these company its means everybody who is bihind speak asia ,they only work for his trp not
    thinking about the 20 lacs people who has joined the speak asia,if speak asia have some problem,government should take it in his hand and manage it in properly way becouse speak asia has shown a way of imployment which have people will earn and live a life ,so kindly manage it and take it in under control.

  • jab ye company hindustan me aati tab ye sab kaha hote hai,aaj jab speak asia ke jariye india me 20 lakh logo ko jindgi jine ka sahara diya tab kyo chilla rahe hai,ya to aisy companio ko mauka hi nahi diya jay,yadi mauka de diya gaya hai to 20 lakh logo ke futer ko dekhte hue indian agencio ko goverment ke rule and regulation ke sath kam karne me suport kare,manage karo apni trp badhane ke liye nahi but indians ke futer ko dekhte hue ,soch samajh kar, tarika galat nahi hai,to phir kya proplemhai.

  • Swpanil says:

    As of now there are 19 laks memeber of Speak asia, multiply it by 4 and it is amlost 80 laks, Star Tv is sure to lose 80 lacs viewers due to its against news of speak asia. One may wonder why star was so quite all these days, ne way truth will come out, one can only hope , so many people shld not suffer . thanks to star for creating so much stress for so many people at one go

  • AVI says:

    The RBI has issued a circular specifically ordered all banks to freeze the accounts of Speakasia and their likes and also banning banks from remitting any funds outside india on behalf of its customers to Speak asia like organizations. RBI has also warned banks that they would be liable to pay in the event customers lose money in such schemes.
    I guess the banks dont have a choice…

  • abhishek says:

    i think so it is fraud because he has no office in singapore as news channel are showing …………

    • praveen says:

      star news aap ne ta speakasia ka khulash kar diya par bharat me itnee sari compneya with out reg… ke chal rahi hai un ko bhi to chuch sabak shikhoo kya aap ne un compneyo se ghuush le rakhi hai kya kya bhart ma ek hi compney milee thi kya chuch to ghanban hai

  • amalesh kumar says:

    main ek student hu speakasia aaj maine join kiya hai.agar ye company fraud hai to mera 11000 barbaad ha gayega kyoki maine socha tha ki per month mujhe 4000 to earn hoga.

  • Meenakshi says:

    jab march mein speak asia ka programme ndtv per dikhaya gya tha tab kya star news channel mra hua tha ya anke nahin thi jo ab unhe dikhna shuru ho gua hai. itna hi acha channel hai to lokeshwar jo stock guru ke naam se 11000000/- crore loot ke le use kyun nahin dhund liya star news walon ne . ye sab paise ke mit hain bas. speak asia ki news ke liye bhi inhe paisa mil rha hoga.

  • Heten says:
    this is why star news has done all this.
    just cheap publicity stunt to promote their own company, star panel survey, hypocrits.
    and as usual aajtak followed.

  • Murty says:

    How honest is rediff? yes,

  • budgetseo says:

    Like it or not, the cat is out of the bag, speakasia ne government se panga lia hai, ab bhugto.
    As for people who invested their money in it, greed is the most evil emotion that lands you in a sandpit!!

  • Good site..!!Thanks for sharing..!!