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Speak Asia Scam Exposed: Star News, Aaj Tak


[Longer, comprehensive post here]

First, check out the video by Star News: (all Hindi)

Speak Asia person says client names can’t be disclosed but still names Bata and ICICI Bank. Bata writes in saying there’s no such survey relationship. ICICI Bank says no also.

Speak Asia says they use ING Vysya Bank to remit funds. ING Vysya totally refuses any relationship.

And then Aaj Tak’s expose:


The channels are doing their bit. But if history proves right, people who don’t want to listen, will not listen. This thing is going to blow up, and blow up big. The correct approach now is to sequester details of every single company individual, work with the Singapore government to track the founders and so on. But if the general public won’t listen after so many warnings, what the bloody F.


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