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A Short Take on DLF (Link)


In a recent Conversations piece, I spoke with Ramki about a few stocks, and in them was DLF. There has been a dangerous upmove in DLF since (and we were bearish); so at MarketVision I’ve posted that Ramki mentioned how DLF has gone counter to his analysis (kudos for the admission!) and so on.

Also see my view, a Short Take of 6 minutes on where I think DLF is going and what I did. Disclosure: Long with a covered call.

Note: I don’t want to replicate the content here. Since MarketVision is now what I do professionally, I’ll be posting educational material and videos at MarketVision, and all my personal views here at Capital Mind. When I post there, I’ll post links here at Capital Mind. One consolidated link per day, so I don’t spam you!

Do let me know your thoughts.


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