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MV Chronicle: Insurance Liars, Nifty Charts, Downside Triggers


MarketVision’s April 16 Chronicle is on Insurance Liars, Nifty Charts and Downside Triggers.

Submitted by Deepak Shenoy on 17 April 2011 – 12:07am

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Insurance Liars

I got a call from Reliance Life Insurance (or an agent ) today. They told me about a “Money Multiplier plan” in which

  • You pay Rs. 30,000 for a “cover” of Rs. 300,000
  • If you die your family gets TRIPLE cover – that is, 900,000.
  • The insurer will even pay for any hospitalization or illnesses that happen. I asked if this is extra, they said this comes with the policy.
  • After 10 years, if you survive you get Rs. 700,000 , Guaranteed. I repeated, “Guaranteed?”, and he said, yes. His boss, a lady exec, confirmed that it was guaranteed as well.

I am a cynical guy, but you never know. So I went and looked at the real product on their website and did a calculation for my age (36).

  • The premium for my age, for 300,000 sum assured is Rs. 44,000.

The Nifty Chart

It was a treacherous fractured week in the markets. With Tuesday and Thursday as holidays, markets were looking to have extremely low volume, but it seems that the exact opposite has happened.
Let’s take a look at the Nifty this week, with the volume and Open Interest (near and mid month futures) changes:
Nifty changes
Nifty fell overall, around a half percent, but volumes on the 15th, when it dropped nearly one and a half percent, were very high at 9,200 crores. The futures Open Interest, though, fell in the same time.
It looks like a number of people went long on Wednesday, assuming this move would break through an established downtrend line, but it didn’t. The technical signals on the Nifty are confusing:


Downside triggers

A number of negative  events are on the radar nowadays.
Energy: Crude prices have shot up tremendously to $120+ on Brent, even after crude prices fell. Coal prices have gone up about 30% in the year as well. The price of coal and crude is extremely important for us – most of our power generation is impacted, much of our transportation, plastics, air travel and other related costs are dependant.

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MV Chronicle: Insurance Liars, Nifty Charts, Downside Triggers

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MV Chronicle: Insurance Liars, Nifty Charts, Downside Triggers

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