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How Media Plays Statistics

XKCD, the great sage of our times, has it absolutely right. (You need to carefully look at the three rows of similar looking panels below – casual quick-readers will miss it)

How Media Plays Statistics

  • Anonymous says:

    >yeah,, didn get anything out of it.. tried reading it again and again..

  • Deepak Shenoy says:

    >See "color"

    So the first slide of the second row says: "We found no link between PURPLE jelly beans and acne…"

    Second one says BROWN jelly beans and so on, till the third row, fourth column: We found a link with p<0.05 for GREEN jelly beans and acne.

    And thus the headline – which is ludicrous 🙂

  • Jake says:

    >That is how headlines work isn't it, taking figures out of context, turning them into meaningless percentages and exaggerating their significance.