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Primary Articles Inflation Down To 13.96% for Feb 26, 2011


Primary Articles Inflation for Feb 26, 2011 has mellowed down to 13.96%. This is the lowest figure since November 2009, which is a good sign.

Yet, the problem is the past revisions. Jan 1, 2001 figures were first announced at 17.58%, but they have been revised to 19.76%, higher by 2.18%.

The trend on primary articles inflation is downwards, but it still remains quite high. Importantly,though, the index last year was benign till March, and then started to rise – which means if the current trend continues this year, we should see lower headline numbers. But the huge upward revisions are a concern.

Tell me if this is not of interest. I’ve been posting such charts for around a year now, but I don’t know if enough of you care. Perhaps we should visualize these in a different way. Do let me know your thoughts.


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