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Primary Articles Inflation at 17.58%


The first data of 2011 is out – Data for Jan 1, 2011 shows Primary Articles at 17.58%.

Primary Articles Inflation Chart

As usual, the revisions of past data are huge.

WPI Revisions

The monthly data is due tomorrow. 17.58% may look better, and there is some respite in the graph to the steepness of the last few weeks. But there is a base effect – a spike in the first week of 2010. Next week, even that won’t be available – in fact it flattens for the next few weeks.

The Finance Minister says don’t worry boss, we will control inflation. Yes, really. We’re not really sure how, but certain people can manipulate prices up, they can manipulate prices down also and announce that achievement to people so we can forgive them for all the scams. Not saying the government is involved, of course, because nowadays they put you in jail for sedition it seems.

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