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MarketVision Videos: NAVs, Dividend Vs. Growth Plans


Two more videos in the MarketVision Mutual Fund Video series are out:

Mutual Funds: Pricing and NAV

Learn about Net Asset Values and Unit prices, and how they are calculated, with an example. You’ll see how mark-to-market is done, and how a fund will calculate and release NAVs on a daily basis.

This video is 7 minutes long.

Dividend Vs Growth Mutual Funds

Dividend and Growth are two "options" you find on most mutual funds – and here’s a video explaining in more detail:

  • What are the Dividend and Growth Options of Mutual Funds?
  • Dividend Distribution Tax
  • What happens to the NAV when Dividends are paid
  • When to choose to take Dividends, or use the Growth option
  • Dividend Stripping
  • Dividend Reinvestment and Bonus Options
  • Other quirks

This video is 10 minutes long.

I’ve got the second one embedded here:

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