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HDFC Grows EPS 30.46% in Q3 FY 11


(Repeated from the MarketVision blog)

Going pretty well, this story is.

HDFC Q3 FY 11 Results

Reasonably revenue growth, nearly 20%. Interest payments went up lesser. This is non-consolidated – last year, their consolidated profits had an EPS of 15% higher (110 cons. versus 95).

Only pressure going ahead is the increase in interest rates, which hurts the company (max cost is interest payments). HDFC’s subsidiary, Gruh Finance had commercial paper going at 9.45% for 68 days – the liquidity piece is very tight. Additionally, a few bonds come due this year and will have to be rolled over. They have increased their lending rates (by 1.25%), which isn’t so high it will start causing defaults. But there is a breaking point, perhaps in the 13-14% range (most loans now are in the 11% range). Finally, there is a NHB regulation that teaser loans will need 2% provisioning – and teasers are 27% of HDFC’s book, which will hurt them going forward.

HDFC Chart

Haven’t ever liked the stock, as it used to be overpriced. But it’s shown a stellar set of numbers today. Got battered 4% though, as everything financial went for a toss today.


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