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Happy New Year 2011!


Wish you all a wonderful 2011 and hope you have a great year ahead.

The last year has been a sabbatical of sorts, with my looking at various opportunities, learning that I’ve become a fossil in terms of programming, understanding that there is way too much data out there to analyze and realizing that we in India are finally turning on the Internet bulb.

On the personal front, an end-year gorging spoilt the entire year of keeping a watch on my weight, and I’m back to where I started at the beginning. But there’s been a lot of fun seeing V grow to the point where he’ll be going to school next year, and hearing him actually make sentences like “Daddy, Can I please watch aeroplanes on the computer?”. Move over Sheila Ki Jawani, there’s a 747 taking off.

The next year will be incredible. My new startup is called MarketVision, on financial education for Indian investors through video. We’re trying to keep things simple, and addressing the basics to advanced topics and I’ll working the next couple months on making the content really good. A more formal announcement with features, screenshots and videos will follow; right now, we’ve got the framework in place and the content is getting refined and added in.

I hope you all have a great year ahead. Please feel free to mail in or comment with your views, bouquets and brickbats. It’s the best when you keep me humble. Thanks for listening in. I’ll continue to blog here – much of the content will be cross posted to my company blog too. I hope you all get tons of money, fame or happiness – heck, all three!


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