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Off for a holiday

I’m off for a few days to Goa, so posting will be light. Correction: it will be absent. Unless I get blog-sick or whatever you call it.

I gave Varun the digital camera and taught him to click. He’s learned to point and shoot and all that. Two things I realised – Technology’s cool in that I have no problem with him clicking away – worst case, I just have to delete the images. Secondly, that it’s so important to be allowed to fail – in this case, shoot crappy photos – because eventually it’s out of the little failures that you learn. When I was a kid you had film, and it was expensive, and you weren’t allowed to waste it. But after putting his hand in front of the camera a zillion times, Varun figured out how it worked, and perhaps entirely by fluke, Varun clicked photos of his favourite things.

Varun's favourite things Varun's favourite things

Varun's favourite things Varun's favourite things

On that note, have a good time folks, and I’ll speak to you next Tuesday.

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