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Inflation: September at 8.62%, Marginally Up

Monthly Inflation goes up marginally to 8.62% in September, from the 8.52% number in August.

India Monthly Inflation Chart

The July number was revised to an inflation (with the old-series) of 10.52% versus a reported 9.97%.

Primary articles inflation, released weekly, is at 18.54% as of October 2.

Primary Articles Inflation, India

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  • Anonymous says:

    >Yarr…………….Your big enemy HDFC result subpar vis-is-vis its valuation.

    Still no post, Why????

  • damodar says:

    >Hi Deepak,
    I wanted to know if you could post some article or point out where I could find about currency. I recently moved to UAE and wanted to transfer money to India . But then INR is appreciating and I need to find out why dollar is weak and how long etc…May be some predictions of INR VS dollar etc.

    Thank you

  • Benjamin Silver says:

    >Inflation growth in India has about the same reasons, as all over the world – a fuel and foodstuffs rise in price.